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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video: Michael Moore Refuses Questions about his $50 Million

What does Michael Moore do when a heaping helping of his own hypocrisy is shoved in front of his face? Well, he runs away, actually. Apparently, he doesn't find it as appetizing as practically everything else. While at Occupy Portland, Moore responds to a question from some dude in the crowd by calling on the richest 400 people to each give back $1 Million. Then, when asked how much of his $50 Million he's going to give back, Moore pretends the question wasn't asked. I'm sure Moore likes pickles but I'm equally sure he doesn't like being in one. The left has decided to pit the richest 1% of Americans against the other 99%. Putting aside the fact that the richest 1% pay the lion's share of the taxes, Moore is part of that 1% and the guy in this video calls him on it.

Perhaps even more amazing is the crowd's defense of Moore. It proves once again that this class warfare business is not about 1% vs. 99%. It's about common sense vs. some twisted ideology that's completely devoid of logic.

Once again, the Occupy crowd simply cannot see how utterly foolish it is.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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