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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: Occupy Monterey Protester Demands 'Peaceful' Exchange, then Smacks the Guy

OWS Schizophrenia, Turret's Syndrome, and hypocrisy all in less than 30 seconds. The guy you see in this video is an OWS protester who we'll call 'Plaid shorts.' He is using a camera phone, just like the guy who recorded this video (that's important to the story). After having difficulty explaining why he can't produce his group's permit, Plaid shorts accuses the recorder of this video of not being 'peaceful' right before he smacks him in the head for - get ready for this - recording him with a camera phone.

The OWS crowd is being overrun by its own mis-firing synapses.


Via P/Oed Patriot

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