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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Video: Rutgers University Professors Caught in Pay for Play Deal

James O'Keefe, the guy who played the role of a pimp of underaged girls in several ACORN offices, has done it again. This time, he exposes Rutgers University in a pay to play scandal. O'Keefe's organization - Project Veritas - used 'union decoys' to approach a professor named Bruce Baker to do research that would be favorable to unions. In addition to Baker telling the decoys that his work would be worth tens of thousands of dollars and that he would like to be paid 'outside the university,' he informed said decoys that he would manipulate the data and only 'ink the deal' if he could guarantee that the analysis would be to their liking.

There's also an interesting exchange between O'Keefe and the Dean over this very issue. Once again, a blogger / journalist who relies on donations to continue his work, is doing the work media entities, who make millions of dollars, simply will not do.

h/t GWP

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