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Friday, December 2, 2011

Gun Company Compares Obama with Hitler

Usually, whenever Hitler is brought into an argument, the person who does so loses the argument. It's known as Godwin's Law. The USAAmmo ad goes there with Obama by comparing him to Hitler AND Stalin. Normally, I would ascribe to Godwin's Law but there are two very significant realities that currently exist which warrant extending USAAmmo a small amount of grace.

First, it is an ad against gun control and it IS true that Obama, like the dictators pictured in the ad, has a soft spot for gun grabbing. In fact, the failed operation Fast and Furious is looking more and more like an attempt to foment the political culture that would help achieve it. Get the ATF to make gun store owners sell guns to bad guys who would put them in the hands of drug cartels so the latter could kill people. The narrative would be that gun crimes in Mexico were the result of evil gun store owners in the United States.

While that remains to be fully proven, the evidence has been creeping that way for nearly a year now, since Border Agent Brian Terry's murder.

Second, while there is no historical evidence that Obama has Hitlerian goals, there is stone cold evidence that his buddy William Ayers did. In fact, Ayers wanted to throw all capitalists into re-education centers and estimated that 25 million Americans would have to be 'eliminated' for being unteachable.

Here is FBI Informant Larry Grathwohl:

By the way, Bill Ayers was recently caught on camera admitting that he launched Barack Obama's political career. Note that the man who would be press Secretary Robert Gibbs tells Chris Matthews that Ayers never threw a fundraiser for Obama.

Via Breitbart:

The ad would have been more definitively accurate if it had shown Hitler, Ayers, and Obama because likening Ayers to Hitler does NOT fall under Godwin's Law. The only difference between Ayers and Hitler is means, not desire. Drawing that distinction and then the connection between Obama and Ayers would have been more effective.

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