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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Report: Ron Paul said he would not have Intervened to end Holocaust

On the heels of the statement from former Ron Paul aide, Eric Dondero, that Ron Paul is anti-Israel, this alleged first-hand account of similar sentiment being expressed from Paul seems to bolster the charge.

Via Jeffrey Scott Shapiro at Big Government:
On the evening of Sept. 16, 2009, I was invited to a function for Rand Paul’s U.S. Senate campaign at the headquarters of Americans for Tax Reform. 
I had been invited by a friend of mine via Facebook who was a passionate supporter of Ron Paul. Within minutes of arriving, I saw Rep. Paul enter the room, followed by an entourage of several college students. 
I immediately walked up to Paul and introduced myself, and Paul smiled at me and shook my hand. I told him that I had always wanted to ask him a question, and that it was a hypothetical question, but I would appreciate his answer nonetheless. Paul smiled, and welcomed the question. At this point there were about 15 people surrounding us, listening. 
And so I asked Congressman Paul: if he were President of the United States during World War II, and as president he knew what we now know about the Holocaust, but the Third Reich presented no threat to the U.S., would he have sent American troops to Nazi Germany purely as a moral imperative to save the Jews? 
And the Congressman answered: 
“No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t risk American lives to do that. If someone wants to do that on their own because they want to do that, well, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do that.”
Shapiro even writes that he contacted Dondero to see if the accounts of each men were consistent. Here is what Shapiro reports Dondero said in response:
“He told me numerous times it was not worth it to intervene to save the Jews in World War II,” Dondero said. “I don’t think that’s because he’s an antisemite. It’s because he’s an extreme isolationist and he’s trying to be 100% principled–he doesn’t think there’s any reason to intervene for human rights or any other reason anywhere on the planet.”
Beyond the fact that Israel is western civilization's eastern front against Islamic fascism, the spiritual element is at the core of passionate support for the nation on the part of Christians and Jews.

So, if Paul would have been in charge, Winston Churchill would have been on his own and the Nazis may have realized their goal.

Paul's warts are showing and they are growing.

Read it all.

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