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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video: Iowa Coffee Shop Owner Kicks OWS'rs Out of her Store

Here is another microcosm of the misdirected anger of the OWS crowd. When they protest 'too big to fail' and big bank bailouts, even the Tea Party agrees. However, when one of their ranks rudely invades a small business owner's coffee shop in Iowa to demonize her as being part of the one percent, it's over the line and is more than juts a little indicative of the insane nature at the group's core.

Isn't it something how this hard-working coffee shop owner is harassed while 25 celebrities worth a total of $4.1 Billion are revered by the movement?

I'm willing to bet that the gray-haired dude in the red shirt either has a government job, belongs to a union,  or is otherwise living off someone else's hard work.

Via Breitbart:

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