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Friday, December 16, 2011

Video: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann on Iran

The only cogent aspect to Ron Paul's argument here is that America is broke. Other than that, he's clueless. For example, one of the arguments he uses to make his case that Islamists hate us because of what we do, not because of who we are, is that Islamists come to the United States, not Switzerland or Sweden. Uh, Ron, in case you haven't noticed, those countries are dealing with an enormous influx of Muslims.

Bachmann comes back by citing an IAEA report that says Iran is within months of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Paul responds by saying there is no such report and then contradicts himself by saying, 'they produced the information that led you to believe that.'

This man is causing me to diminish the impact of the word 'insane.'

Here's more from Bachmann in response to Paul's lunacy. She's absolutely right about Islam's desire to reestablish a caliphate:

Via Stage Right

1 comment:

FactNotRhetoric said...

Bachman claims to be the only candidate that truly understands Sharia Law in the Constitution of any Country. I believe her. She is directly hitting the key point in the video as to what happens when Sharia Law is part of Iran’s, or any country's, constitution.

If Sharia Law is part of any country's constitution, then by constitutional law, EVERY MALE CITIZEN, THAT HAS REACHED THE AGE OF PUBERTY, MUST JIHAD AGAINST AMERICA.

If the citizen objects to the Jihad against America, or says one word against Sharia Law, they can be beheaded in the town square.

Think about the above 2 statements. That means that we walked away from Iraq and left Sharia Law in Iraq's constitution. So today every male citizen in Iraq, must Jihad against America, by constitutional law or they can be beheaded.

Think about this. Obama purposely left Sharia Law as part of the constitution in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you want to understand what really happens with Sharia Law in a country's constitution, then you will need to read the factual, but very dry, book, "SHARIAH -THE THREAT TO AMERICA - AND EXERCISE IN COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS - REPORT OF TEAM B II"

This is far from over. Obama and Clinton have a year to go to keep putting their Beloved Al-Ikhwan, or Muslim Brotherhood, in power in other countries. They have a year to go, to get their beloved Sharia Law into American cities, states and the constitution. It’s already in Dearborn.

Sharia Law is the enemy of America, not Muslims or some bloody dictator. We saw this in Egypt. We now have Obama's bloody Muslim Brotherhood as the new Egyptian genocidal Theocracy. If Sharia Law is part of the country’s constitution, then it is not a democracy by any stretch of the imagination as Obama and Clinton keep telling us. It is just another bloody genocidal Theocracy that is now killing a different sect of Muslims, Christians and Americans. The Arab Spring was not about democracy, it was about bloody Sharia Law Regime change to Obama’s and Clinton’s bloody Muslim Brotherhood. Obama sent $200 million dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood to get them elected in Egypt.

If America sends foreign aid or military aid to any country that has bloody Sharia Law, then America is aiding and abetting the enemy. Every citizen is required by their constitution to be at war with America. Every citizen was an enemy combatant to America. THIS IS TREASON AGAINST THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE US CONSTITUTION.

So Obama’s next attacks will be against Syria and Iran with no intention of removing bloody Sharia Law from their constitutions. This is simply a regime change from one bloody genocidal Sharia Law Human Rights Nightmare to another. Obama wants his beloved Muslim Brotherhood’s bloody Sharia Law in control. Obama’s father and uncle were lifetime members and Jihadists of Al-Ikhwan, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama was raised in Indonesia under the bloody Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law there.

So no, Obama and S.o.S. Clinton are not done with us yet. They have a year to go unless we can impeach them for treason.

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