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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video: Santa Cruz City Board RIPS Power Company Representative over Smart Meter

Yes, this video is over 20 minutes long but it is absolutely a must-watch. At issue here is power company named PG&E, which has shut off the power to a woman's home. Why? Because she had her PG&E approved smart meter replaced with an analog meter by a licensed electrician. She had it replaced because she didn't want the smart meter installed in the first place.

This video shows an exchange between the Santa Cruz City Board and PG&E representative Wendy Sarsfield, who gets grilled to a proverbial crisp over her company's decision to shut the woman's power off.

Sarsfield puts forth no cogent argument and the Board calls her on it each time. At several points, it looks like Sarsfield realizes the stupidity of her position but presses forward anyway. After all, she's part of a bureaucracy that demands she take these positions in order to receive a paycheck.

This is a big deal, though.

h/t GWP

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