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Monday, December 12, 2011

Video: Watch the Guy Behind Eric Holder

I watched this live but totally missed this interesting bit of body language. The Fast and Furious scandal is getting VERY close to Attorney General Eric Holder. Rep. Darrell Issa's persistence with regard to getting ahold of Holder's emails, especially the ones after the February 4, 2011 letter sent by Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich to Senator Charles Grassley, is telling.

Holder's declared refusal to release any emails sent or received after that date is what prompted Issa to threaten him with being held in contempt of Congress while also comparing him to Nixon's Attorney General, John Mitchell.

In a completely separate exchange - between Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) and Holder - Adams began asking the Attorney General about his personal email account. Pay particularly close attention to the man over Holder's right shoulder. That is Weich and he is visibly very nervous about this line of questioning. Adams asked him about this after Issa had already brought up the issue of work / personal email accounts.

This entire exchange is worth watching but if pressed for time, fast forward to the 4:50 mark. The smoking gun might just involve Holder's personal email account.

h/t Free Republic

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