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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video: Woman Assaulted by 'Alleged' Occupy Boston Protester

A woman was on her lunch break in Boston, walking home to let her dog out when a thug assaulted her as she walked past the Occupy Boston encampment. The man began screaming incoherent profanities at the woman and, she says, turned her around to face the protesters after grabbing her by the shoulder.

Question: how much of a leap would it have been for him to shove her into the protesters?

Apparently, the man had a problem with her attractiveness and appearance of being successful. Of course, members of the movement insist this guy wasn't one of them and that he doesn't represent the movement. That has become a tired argument, especially when the Tea Party has nowhere near the reputation OWS has and the former had been portrayed by individuals who make up OWS as 'racist' when there is no evidence of that. There is, however, overwhelming evidence that OWS has a much higher contingent of lawless individuals.

5,000 arrests, 2 murders, 8 deaths, countless rapes, assaults, theft, $21 Million in damages, vandalism, ringworm and tuberculosis outbreaks, etc.

h/t Hapblog

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