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Monday, January 23, 2012

Boehner, Cantor not willing to Fight in Fast and Furious Scandal

Imagine how much impact it would have if House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Eric Cantor expressed solidarity with the growing list of Republican congressmen who are calling for the resignation of Eric Holder. Imagining, at this point, is all you can do because the reality is neither man has any interest in doing that.

Via Daily Caller:
Boehner spokesman Michael Steel has ignored emails on the subject for months, but when TheDC caught up with him at the retreat and again asked if his boss thinks Holder should resign for the gunrunning operation that killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and at least 300 Mexican civilians, Steel replied, “I don’t think he has said anything on that.”

TheDC followed up with Steel in the lobby of the Waterfront Marriott and asked him if he’d just ask Boehner the question. “Yeah, maybe,” Steel replied.

As of 5 p.m. on Sunday, Steel still hasn’t answered whether Boehner agrees with the 101 members in the House GOP caucus about Holder. Instead, Steel said, “The speaker appreciates the hard work that Chairman Issa and many others have done to expose this scandal. President Obama’s Department of Justice needs to be accountable.”

Cantor’s press secretary, Laena Fallon, deflected questions in a similar way, telling TheDC that Cantor “doesn’t sign onto legislation, as a rule, as majority leader”

Fallon was referencing House Resolution 490, the bill that expresses “no confidence” in Holder because of Fast and Furious. When asked if Cantor agreed “with the concept,” Fallon replied, “I don’t know.”

TheDC: Can you ask him for me?
FALLON: I’ll see, he’s in meetings.
TheDC: I can take an answer whenever. It’s just a “yes” or “no.”
FALLON: I’ll ask and see if I can get you something, but I don’t know what he’ll say.”

By Sunday at 5 p.m., Fallon has still not responded.
Neither man is particularly politically courageous....

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