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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Iran Blaming United States for Iraq Bombing

In light of what is now known about the Iraqi government having extremely close ties to Iran - Iraq's Transportation Minister, Hadi al-Ameri is an Iranian agent and terrorist - this may be a level of audacity that trumps all others. An Iranian cleric has actually asserted that the rash of bombings which have been taking place in Iraq since the United States left, have been perpetrated by, well, the United States. Why? Because we wanted to take our revenge out on the Iraqis for being glad we left.

Via Iranian Press TV:
“To take revenge on Iraqis for their joy over the withdrawal of the occupying [American] forces, the US commissioned consecutive bombings and killings in Iraq in order to [also] convey that the Americans were the source of peace in the country and that their withdrawal created instability,” said Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi said on Friday.

The Iranian cleric added that the presence of American forces in Iraq resulted in Muslim hatred and international loathing for the US, emphasizing that Shia, Sunni, Kurd and Arab all wanted US troops out of Iraq.

Seddiqi advised the Iraqi nation to maintain unity and continue resistance to thwart enemy plots.

Iraq has witnessed a surge in violence and bombing attacks over the past few weeks.
It was recently learned that a Federal US Judge ruled Iran was behind the 9/11 attacks. If true, we exacted punishment on Iran by giving them Iraq, which is the consequence of what we've done. As if that wasn't despicable enough (Iran should be thanking us), we're being blamed for the violence in Iraq, not as a result of our leaving Iraq but because of our anger toward Iraqis for being glad we did.

In reality, the most recent bombing appears to have been committed by Sunnis against Shi'ites; the latter makes up the majority of the Iraqi government that we helped to install.

This is victimology on steroids.

h/t GWP

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