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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Victims of Fort Hood Massacre Denied Purple Hearts

Late last year, the Obama administration decided to identify the Fort Hood massacre as being the result of 'workplace violence,' which put Nidal Malik Hasan on par with an angry postal worker who just snapped, before gunning down his co-workers. Adding to the outrage that coincides with such an absurd comparison is the fact that none of Hasan's victims will receive purple hearts, despite being killed by an enemy of the United States while on duty.

From David Horowitz via Tom Tancredo:
Barack Obama has just done something truly disgraceful! He’s declared the 2009 Fort Hood massacre — where a radical Islamic terrorist killed 13 American soldiers and wounded 29 more — “work place violence,” not a terrorist attack.

This means that these men and women are denied the military medals they are due — like the Purple Heart — for their deaths or injuries during the attack by a radicalized Muslim combatant. The way I see it, these soldiers put their lives and their bodies in harm’s way in defense of our freedom. But instead of recognizing them as heroes, Obama is treating them like they are civil service employees who just happened to be in the way when a random accident occurred!

Once again, Obama has failed to recognize that radical Islamic terrorists have declared war on this nation and our armed forces — our first line of defense against their monstrous actions. That’s why your Freedom Center has launched a nationwide petition campaign demanding that the Fort Hood massacre be categorized as what it was — a terrorist attack — and that medals be awarded to those who suffered in battle that day.
Yet another consequence of not identifying the enemy.

More here.

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