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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video: Newt Sets Univision Reporter straight on Comparison to Bill Clinton

Univision's Jorge Ramos attempted to do the same thing that CNN's Erin Burnett did a day after the South Carolina debate at which John King asked Gingrich about the 'open marriage' issue; he tried to paint the former Speaker as a hypocrite for attacking Clinton in the 1990's over Lewinsky while Gingrich himself was engaged in an extra-marital affair.

Like he did with Burnett, Gingrich set the interviewer straight about the difference. The issue was not about adultery; it was about lying under oath. The difference between Burnett and Ramos, however, is that Ramos appeared to be unable to understand the line of distinction. After failing to see it, Gingrich at one point referred to a misfiring 'synapse' in Ramos' brain.

Via MediaIte:

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