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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Report: Iran working with al-Qaeda

When US federal district judge ruled, after eight years, that Iran and Hezbollah were behind 9/11 and worked closely with al-Qaeda to coordinate the attacks, it was shockingly not all that newsworthy. It meant that Iran hit the United States in the same way that Japan did at Pearl Harbor. It was a bombshell met with virtual silence.

Now, we have real time evidence that Iran is currently working with al-Qaeda at a time when the former is threatening terror attacks on American soil.

Via Fox News:
U.S. officials say they believe Iran recently gave new freedoms to as many as five top Al Qaeda operatives who have been under house arrest, including the option to leave the country, and may have provided some material aid to the terrorist group.

The men, who were detained in Iran in 2003, make up Al Qaeda's so-called management council, a group that includes members of the inner circle that advised Usama bin Laden and an explosives expert widely considered a candidate for a top post in the organization.
Of course, there are libertarians out there who don't want to believe any of this.
Skeptics caution that intelligence on Iran's activities is limited and worry that some policy makers might use provocative reports to justify military action against Tehran. Iran has denied any connection with Al Qaeda.

U.S. officials believe there have been recent indications that officials in the Iranian government have provided Al Qaeda operatives in Iran limited assistance, including logistical help, money and cars, according to a person briefed on the developments.
If those "skeptics" ever read about Havlish v. Iran,  et. al, their skepticism would be more than assuaged.

You can read all about Havlish HERE. 

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