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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video: Have Ron Pauliens become PSYOP Victims?

Ron Paul supporters are a very passionate bunch. They're all in for their guy. A large majority of them are 9/11 Truthers who believe the United States government is responsible for 9/11. When you point out to them that there are a lot of Muslims and communists who share that view, they dismiss it. When anti-Semitic musings were revealed to have been published in his newsletters, his supporters dismissed it. When Eric Dondero, formerly a very close aid to Ron Paul, wrote that the Republican presidential candidate is "most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general," his supporters dismissed it. When it was discovered that Ron Paul quoted Robert Pape on his website as someone whose foreign policy views he respects, his supporters dismissed the fact that Pape has close ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). When Ron Paul says it's our fault that the Muslim world hates us, his supporters nod in agreement.

The examples are endless but here is what could be the perfect case in point for why the Pauliens are unwitting dupes. His name is Yousef al Khattab. Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, Khattab converted to Islam from Judaism. He co-founded a website named Revolution Muslim with a man named Younus Abdullah Muhammed, formerly named Jesse Curtis Morton. Younus was recently convicted of using the Internet to solicit murder. Since that conviction, Yousef has reportedly toned down his rhetoric.

Here is a Fox News report from 2008. In it, Khattab expresses support for the beheading and murder of Daniel Pearl, saying that he was a spy and was rightly convicted and executed. Note something else. According to Fox News reporter Rick Levanthal, Khattab completely rejects the United States constitution and America's founders.

What does this have to do with Ron Paul? Well, in 2012, Yousef al Khattab is suddenly a libertarian who supports the constitution and passionately supports Ron Paul. Here is a video from Khattab's YouTube channel. Pay particularly close attention at the 2:45 mark where he says he's a libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter. Then, at the 5:10 mark, Khattab says he believes in less government and that everything should be done constitutionally. He reiterates his support for Ron Paul and calls Israel a "terrorist enemy."

I have increasingly come to the conclusion that Ron Paul supporters have essentially become the victims of Islamist PSYOP techniques. The secret to this technique is to appeal to the preconceived notions of your enemy while getting that enemy to support your main agenda, either through acquiescence or activism.

Via Sipsey Street, this excerpt is straight out of the U.S. Army Field Manual:
Deception (military or political) includes manipulating, distorting, withholding, or falsifying evidence available to an opponent. History has shown that it is far easier to deceive by reinforcing an opponent’s existing preconceptions than it is to persuade him to change his mind. PSYOP personnel should encourage the opponent that the most likely way of achieving the objective will in fact be adopted (thereby diverting his attention from an alternative plan). Given two options, one of which reinforces our existing point of view, people are more likely to believe what they already suspect. Psychologically, they are gratified by evidence that confirms their preconceptions. People generally attach undue importance to evidence supporting their point of view and reject that which does not. PSYOP personnel should avoid deception that requires persuading a target audience of something it is not already predisposed to believe. -- U.S. Army Field Manual FM 33-1-1, Psychological Operations Techniques and Procedures, Appendix A, "Deception Operations."
Ron Paul has increasingly become an apologist for Islam while appealing to the righteous position of adhering to the U.S. Constitution while calling for things like a smaller government with drastic cuts in spending, which are positions that actually resonate with clear-thinking individuals.

The vast majority of Paul's supporters think the Islamic threat to America is "overrated" and that's just the way the Islamists like it.

Big h/t to Jawa


Sean Shryne said...

As a Ron Paul supporter, I find your analysis interesting though misguided. Paul is the only candidate with "radical" proposals to return this nation to a republic with limited government interference. That hardly meets any notion of being unpatriotic or pro-Islamic. Your psy-op idea would more easily, and effectively apply to whomever the mass media "blesses".

gijeff said...

Because someone who is an idiot claims to support someone, you would infer that anyone else supporting the same person is a dupe? Conjecture and innuendo, thinly connected facts and cherry picked quotes out of context, really? Why not just come out and say what you really think? You wouldn't be in danger of losing any credibility if this is the best you have.

Any candidate has quotes that, taken out of context, could be damaging, look at Barrack Obama's quote that if the economy is not fixed in three years, he'll be a one term president. I haven't heard anything about him turning down the Democratic Party's nomination, and though they claim the economy is better, I can't see any sign of it other than in the news.

What it boils down to is that most everyone these days decides what facts they will accept and what ones they will not, irrespective of their validity, based on whether it agrees with their own ideology. You're not going to convince them, and they are not going to convince you.

This article is pure propaganda though, plain and simple. Try to back up your assertions with SOME facts and maybe someone will take you seriously.

ChasVoice said...

Why about the American Free Press having its origins with the Liberty Lobby?

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