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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Video: It begins; CNN's John King calls Mitt Romney 'Governor Mormon'

Make NO mistake about it. Romney's religion will be used against him by the liberal media. His Mormonism will be an issue and this is the perfect preview. Based on the tactics of the left, I have no reason to believe this wasn't 100% intentional. Listen to King refer to Romney as "Governor Mormon" and then refer to him as a "Mormon" who gets the support of "Mormons."

Apparatchiks for the Obama administration will keep Romney's religion in the forefront of people's minds throughout the 2012 campaign; they will beat him over the head with it, surreptitiously planting seeds in the minds of non-Mormon Americans that will grow into big questions.

Those who like to accuse the right of being bigots will actually use bigotry to further their cause. Yet another reason that Mitt Romney is precisely the candidate Barack Obama wants to face. There are three things that make Romney the weakest possible Republican nominee:
  1. RomneyCare
  2. His Gordon Gekko persona
  3. His religion and the left's willingness to attack it just like King does in the video below
I don't recall anyone identifying Obama as "Senator Muslim" or "Senator Black Liberation Theology" in 2008. This is a coming attraction of what to expect from the liberal media if Romney gets the nomination.

h/t Hapblog

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