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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Video: Newt Cow Tail vs. Piers Morgan Fly

Newt Gingrich's comments about the Qur'an burnings at Bagram by the U.S. Military got quite a bit of play yesterday primarily because it resonated so well with those of us who are fed up with A.) Rules of engagement and B.) the egregious double standard of who apologizes and who does not.

Here is Newt on CNN with Piers Morgan further enunciating his view. If Newt can continue talking like this, he is far more likely to get the support he saw in South Carolina. Each attempt by Morgan to trap Newt failed miserably.

Also, take note of Newt's reference to Col. Allen West. In the context of this exchange, West would make a very logical choice as a running mate for Gingrich.

Via MediaIte:

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