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Friday, February 17, 2012

Video: Paul Ryan Cat vs. Timothy Geithner yarn ball

This is a baffling exchange for multiple reasons. Of course, the visual of  Rep. Paul Ryan's chart vs. the visual of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's chart would be laughable if not so serious. Both charts show an out-of-control budgetary trajectory beginning in 2012. The main difference is that Ryan's chart includes an alternate path; Geithner's chart does not.

Ryan's alternative path is backed up by a plan. Geithner concedes the administration has no long term plan to deal with the unsustainable path that he concedes we're on. In a sane world, since he has no plan, he should be willing to implement Ryan's plan.

This is not a sane world.

Watch all the way to the end. Geithner actually says he has no plan but won't accept Ryan's because he doesn't like it.

I'm not kidding.

h/t RCP

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