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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Breaking: Elena Kagan edited Derrick Bell's anti-Constitutional Article

This begs a very important question: Did Elena Kagan lie when she swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States? If so, it would actually be perjury. In light of the latest Derrick Bell bombshell from Breitbart, it is most assuredly a legitimate question. Kagan, now a Supreme Court Justice, apparently edited an article penned by the man Barack Obama said we should open our hearts and minds to - Professor Derrick Bell.

Bell (Kagan too, perhaps?) believed that the Constitution's framers intended to implement a system that would keep the black man inferior.

Here is an excerpt from what Bell wrote and Kagan edited, via Breitbart:
At the nation's beginning, the framers saw more clearly than is perhaps possible in our more enlightened and infinitely more complex time the essential need to accept what has become the American contradiction.  The framers made a conscious, though unspoken, sacrifice of the rights of some in the belief that this forfeiture was necessary to secure the rights of others in a society embracing, as its fundamental principle, the equality of all.  And thus the framers, while speaking through the Constitution in an unequivocal voice, at once promised freedom for whites and condemned blacks to slavery....
Apparently and amazingly lost on Bell (and Kagan?) at the time was that the very framework of the Constitution allowed the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments to be added. Respectively, each of those amendments:
  1. Thirteenth Amendment: Abolished slavery
  2. Fourteenth Amendment: Granted equal person status to blacks
  3. Fifteenth Amendment: Granted blacks the right to vote
Then, of course, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Perhaps the most ironic aspect to this is the fact that it was the Republican Party which was created solely to abolish slavery; it was also the Republican Party which was responsible for passing those amendments when it held the majority in Congress. Let's not forget that it was the Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act, led by Al Gore Sr. himself.

Yet, Bell and his racist colleagues have hitched their wagons to the Democratic Party?!

Back to Bell's piece (edited by Kagan) in 1985:
The Constitution has survived for two centuries and, despite earnest efforts by committed people, the contradiction remains, shielded and nurtured through the years by myth. This contradiction is the root reason for the inability of black people to gain legitimacy -- that is, why they are unable to be taken seriously when they are serious and why they retain a subordinate status as a group that even impressive proofs of individual competence cannot overcome. Contradiction, shrouded by myth, remains a significant factor in blacks' failure to obtain meaningful relief against historic racial injustice.
So why is this movement alive and well when we have a black President? In fact, why does this black president still respect Derrick Bell's teachings? By becoming president, Barack Obama has blown a hole in Bell's Critical Race Theory (CRT), right?

Well, if Obama is a proponent of CRT, it could be the best evidence yet that he believes the Constitution is so racist in nature that it must be destroyed.

More here and here.

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