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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mormons Baptized 9/11 Hijacker, Attempted to Baptize Mohammed

Helen Radkey is a very important person to the mainstream media. To this point, both MSNBC and CNN have used her expertise to dip their toes in the water about how best to attack Mitt Romney over the issue of his religion (if he becomes the nominee). Radkey has a treasure trove of opposition research waiting for the left to dump on the American people at the right time. It consists of the names of Holocaust victims, serial killers, notorious tyrants and dictators, fictitious characters, and mass murderers who have all been posthumously baptized into the Mormon religion.

I reached out to Radkey and asked her if she knew of any instances in which deceased Muslims have been baptized into the Mormon faith.

Here is what she said:
“To date, I have a handful of Mormon records that show attempts to baptize Mohammed, and I also have a baptism for a 9/11 hijacker, and copies of entries for 14 others, that show these names were submitted for proxy rites.”
If we've learned anything since 9/11, it's that Muslims are more than just a little hypersensitive about their religion. Seemingly any show of disrespect for either Islam or its prophet Mohammed can be met with deadly violence. Most recently, in Afghanistan, when the U.S. Military was involved in the burning of Islamic materials, to include defaced Qur'ans, deaths have resulted.

How would the Muslim world react if it found out that the Republican nominee for President practices a religion that has baptized its Jihadist martyrs? Is the Mormon religion showing disrespect for Islam when it attempts to baptize Mohammed multiple times and successfully baptizes a 9/11 hijacker? Is that not akin to ignoring a “Do not disturb” sign before knocking on the door of a room occupied by a deceased Jihadist and multiple virgins in order to ask them if they'd like to change religions?

Of course, the response from the Mormon leadership is that they don't condone the baptisms of Anne Frank, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, Ted Bundy, Muslim terrorists, and countless Jewish Holocaust victims even though all of those individuals have been baptized into the Mormon religion. These are the acts of rebels – they say – within their churches all over the world whom they can't control. The church issued an edict in 1995 that forbade anyone from baptizing such people, Holocaust victims specifically.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC with Lawrence O'Donnell, Radkey elaborated:
“I've been tracking records for Holocaust Jews in Mormon databases since around August, 1999. That was roughly four years after the '95 agreement and I have never seen records that did not reflect Jewish Holocaust victims. In other words, the practice never stopped.”
How about repurcussions? If the Mormon church laid down strict orders not to baptize Jewish Holocaust victims, would those who disobeyed such an edict be excommunicated or otherwise punished?

Here is what Radkey had to say to O'Donnell on the matter:
“I have seen thousands of names for Jewish Holocaust victims in Mormon databases and the submitters, you know there was no indication or no word from the Church that they had disciplined these people who broke the rules.”
Both Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy were baptized at Mormonism's ground zero – Utah – in 1993 and 2008 respectively. In fact, Radkey reported that the Mormon Church attempted to conceal the Hitler baptism.

Why are all of these names still in the Mormon databases? Why haven't they been purged? Why would Mormon leaders attempt to say that the database is so large that it can't possibly police all submissions, especially when we live in such a digital age? Couldn't names like Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, and Mohammed – as well as the names of Mormons who submitted them – be red flagged instead of ignored?

Republicans, be prepared to lose if Mitt Romney is your nominee. The mainstream media is preparing to do to him with Mormonism what it didn't do to Obama with Black Liberation Theology and his ties to Jeremiah Wright.

I covered this extensively on the March 4th show.

Entire piece - with hyperlinks - is up at Red County.

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