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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preview if Romney the Nominee? Glenn Beck vs. Chris Matthews on Mormonism

It really doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong when it comes to debating Romney's Mormonism if he is the nominee. What matters is that people like Chris Matthews are going to keep it in the public discourse in the most bigoted way possible. Therefore, people like Matthews should be encouraged to keep talking now, before Romney gets the nomination, so we can determine if it will be effective. If it is shown to be effective, Republicans should seriously rethink nominating Romney.

On his internet show, Glenn Beck, who is a Mormon, called Matthews on the latter's ridicule of Beck's religion. Again, if Romney is the nominee, are we supposed to believe that MSNBC is not going to double down on what Matthews did? Look, Beck did an entire segment on it. What Matthews said about Mormons put Beck on defense and that's what all of this is about. The left is going to destroy Romney if he is the nominee and all of the objections raised by Beck or anyone else isn't going to change that.

The first video is Beck dissecting Chris Matthews' bigotry. As you watch, ask yourselves if Beck's reaction is going to cause Matthews to stop or step up the attacks. Second, if the left can change the national debate to the issue of contraception, does anyone honestly think they won't change it to Mormonism if Romney is the nominee? Does anyone doubt their ability to do it? David Axelrod has already tipped his hand, possibly inadvertently, when he quickly deleted an anti-Mormon tweet.

Here is Beck on Matthews, via MediaIte:

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