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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shocking 1995 Video: Eric Holder wanted to 'Brainwash' people to be against Guns

In light of Fast and Furious, this truly is a shocking piece of video from 1995. Eric Holder, then U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, literally advocated for the repetition of anti-gun ads on television so that young people could be "brainwash(ed)" to be against guns.

Why would someone who swore an oath as a U.S. Attorney to uphold the Constitution want to "brainwash" America's youth into believing that the Second Amendment was a bad thing? Instead of wanting to "brainwash" kids to be against guns, why wouldn't such a man - after swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution - instead want to enforce current laws while calling for educating the youth about proper gun usage?

Ask yourselves one question before watching this jaw-dropping clip: If Eric Holder would call for "brainwash(ing)" in order to deter Americans from using guns, would he support a policy that placed guns in the hands of drug cartels to achieve the same ends, after "brainwash(ing)" didn't work?

Via Breitbart:

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