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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spike Lee re-tweets Incorrect address for Zimmerman; elderly couple fearful for their lives

When Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was George Zimmerman's address, he essentially called for a lynching. Making that egregious act much worse is the fact that it wasn't Zimmerman's address; it was an address to the home of an elderly couple that is now terrified.

Via Fox News:
An elderly Florida couple have been forced to move into a hotel after their home address was wrongly tweeted as belonging to the man who shot teen Trayvon Martin.

The tweets were traced back to a man in California and the address was also reportedly retweeted by director Spike Lee to his almost 250,000 followers.

The couple, aged 70 and 72, have been harassed with hate mail, been hassled by media and had scared neighbors questioning them since the tweet, their son Chip Humble told the Orlando Sentinel.

Fearful for their safety, and hoping to escape the spotlight, the couple have temporarily moved to a hotel.

The confusion seems to stem from the fact the woman's son is named William George Zimmerman and he lived briefly at the address in 1995.
Perhaps even more disturbing is that even when it became known that the home targeted by the rabid mob, at least one member of that mob didn't care:
When William Zimmerman pleaded with the man who tweeted the address, the man responded, "Black power all day. No justice, no peace" along with an obscenity.
A better example of bloodlust one cannot find.

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