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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Van Jones urging the Left to push Obama Left after Reelection

A big downside to the prospect of Barack Obama winning reelection is people like Van Jones urging the left to push Obama even further left. Obama all but assured this would happen during his open mic moment with Dimitri Medvedev in South Korea. The upside - I know it's hard to find one - is that Republicans could have much stronger majorities in the House and possibly 55 Senators. Under such a scenario, Obama would be moving left after Congress moves drastically to the right. The possibility of a much warranted fight between the legislative and executive branches would also become much more likely; it's a fight conservatives have been clamoring for their Representatives to engage in.

Now we know what to expect if Obama gets reelected.

Van Jones is back with a message for disappointed progressives, Occupy Wall Street and other “post-‘Hope’” Democrats still looking to President Barack Obama for the change they voted for in 2008: Get over it.

“I think you need two sources of power to make change, and not just one. I think you need a head of state that’s willing to be moved, and a movement to do the moving,” said Jones, the former West Wing insider-turned-disillusioned outsider and a lightning rod for conservative critics.
Ok, so if Romney gets the nomination and loses?
Liberals must work hard to give Obama a second term, then force him to the left, Jones explained.

“We have to re-elect the president, and we have to re-energize our own movement. That’s how we get change. We’re not going to have a ‘vote and hope’ strategy. We’re going to have a ‘march-and create change’ strategy,” Jones said.
As I've explained here, a consequence of Obama having a second term that's even more radical than the first would be the possibility of a much more conservative congress that might just force Republican leaders to confront Obama on the plethora of issues - like Fast and Furious and Solyndra - it has seemed nearly completely disinterested in to this point.

Let's face it. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, Obama's chances of winning are actually quite good, unfortunately.

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