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Friday, March 23, 2012

Video: Fox's William La Jeunesse getting very close to blowing lid off of Fast and Furious

This news report seems to portend some very significant developments in the Fast and Furious case. Note how Fox's William La Jeunesse brings Manuel Celis-Acosta and Uriel Patino into the fold. Patino purchased guns as a straw buyer and handed them off to Acosta, the ringleader in the Fast and Furious investigation. Despite that, the ATF let Acosta go after finding weapons that Patino purchased in Acosta's car. That was in late March of 2010.

Then, in May of that year, Acosta was stopped again by the ATF; loaded magazines were found in Acosta's vehicle but he was still let go, ostensibly to collect information on two drug lords in Mexico. Ridiculously, those two drug lords were actually FBI informants. La Jeunesse makes an excellent point when he says the "big fish argument" from the ATF invalid. Throughout this scandal, ATF has maintained that it allowed straw purchasers to buy weapons in the hopes that such purchases would lead to bigger fish. However, as La Jeunesse points out, Acosta WAS the big fish and the ATF let him go twice.

The key part of this video, however, comes at the 2:25 mark, when La Jeunesse reveals that all of this information has come from an "insider" and not as a result of the Justice Department's compliance with congressional subpoenas.

My guess is that Eric Holder is in a heap of trouble as this continues to unravel. We may be reaching the point when the levee breaks.

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