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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Video: Is Trayvon Martin's killer a Democrat?

This post comes with a caveat. The first video you see appears to be from a news report but there is no identifying news outlet. That is a bit of a red flag and I seriously considered not posting it until I saw that the website from whence I found it corroborated many of their claims with verifiable sources / links.

According to this video - linked from the Black and Hispanic Tea Party (BHTP) website - Zimmerman is a registered Democrat:

Here is another reason I posted that video. BHTP reports that Zimmerman's father is a retired magistrate who is connected to the (Sanford?) Police Department:
George Zimmerman is a Democrat and his father is a retired magistrate judge with connections within the police Department, and the police worked overtime to make certain that Zimmerman was given the benefit of the doubt just for merely saying that it was self-defense without a further investigation and just released.  It’s no wonder the Democrat-run union police department in Sanford, Florida released Zimmerman and gave him the benefit of the doubt; Democrats have a long history of Racism in America. That’s why Blacks are coming back home to the Republican Party.  Democrats only value the lives of Black people when its time to vote.
This is a CNN news report that backs up the claim that Zimmerman's father was a magistrate:

Can you imagine the circular firing squad within the Democratic Party if Zimmerman (a Hispanic) is a registered Democrat who got out of a murder charge because of the political connections his father has with the Sanford Police Department?

h/t Free Republic

***UPDATE: 3/26/12*** Looks like the aforementioned news report referring to Zimmerman as a "self described Democrat," is legit. It's from an NBC 6 report in Miami. One other thing about that report sticks out. In it, Zimmerman is said to have a history that includes a domestic violence charge and an incident in which he shoved the cop; charges were dropped after community service. Two questions arise as a result. One, did his father have any involvement in the dismissal and two, in light of his alleged tendency toward violence, was Zimmerman the best candidate for neighborhood watch and a gun?

h/t Kerry Pickett at Washington Times

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