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Friday, March 30, 2012

What do George Zimmerman and Lara Logan share in common?

When CBS reporter Lara Logan was covering the 'Arab Spring' at Tahrir Square last year, she was sexually assaulted by a mob of Muslim men who fed their own anger by shouting at her during the assault, "Jew! Jew!" despite the fact Logan is not Jewish. In the case of George Zimmerman, left wing Hispanic groups are questioning his ethnicity despite the fact that his mother is Peruvian (yes, Peru is an Hispanic country). Denial of this indisputable reality does the same thing identifying Lara Logan as a Jew did for her attackers; it feeds the hate.

Both hate and ideology always seem to trump race when it suits minority groups who claim to place defense of ethnicity at the top of their agendas. The narrative has been set; George Zimmerman is an older white male who pursued a young black male and shot him in cold blood. As we know, however, narratives are more often than not, based on manufactured realities in order to reinforce a paradigm.

In the case of hatred, once it reaches a level where it has been harnessed and directed at one person, rational thought is extinguished.

Before any of this happened, George Zimmerman had identified himself as a "Hispanic" and "Democrat." In both cases, based on what they claim to champion, as well as what they've done in the past, liberal Hispanic groups would normally be siding with Zimmerman - or at least not standing against him.

Via the Daily Caller:
“The Latino community joins the African-American community and other communities in condemning George Zimmerman as what he is – a murderer and a racist,” Roberto Lovato, co-founder of the online Latino advocacy organization, told The Daily Caller.

The group is acting on Trayvon’s behalf. has joined with Color of Change to petition for the arrest of Martin’s murderer.
How about La Raza?
“NCLR joins allies in the civil rights community in calling for a real investigation for this grievous failure of justice,” president and CEO Janet MurguĂ­a wrote.
Uh, if an investigation hasn't been completed yet, how can she know there's been a "grievous failure of justice"?

My personal favorite is Lovato's attempt to deny a very basic fact while simultaneously calling for a full investigation. Unless I'm missing something here, Lovato is calling Peru a non-Hispanic country by suggesting that Zimmerman, whose mother is Peruvian, may not be Hispanic.
“His background is not clear,” Lovato explained. “Is he Latino? Is he white? Is he both? Who knows? It’s irrelevant. What’s relevant are his actions, his racist comments, and his cold-blooded killing of an innocent young man.”
While Lovato is correct that Zimmerman's race should be irrelevant, he takes it a step further by actually suggesting that he doesn't know if the man is Hispanic; a Birth Certificate probably wouldn't convince him. If denying a factual aspect to an individual's race helps to feed the hate for that individual, it's apparently an acceptable practice. Is that what we're saying here?

Lovato is on record as saying that Zimmerman is a "racist" (see above). That must necessarily mean that he's conceding there can be racist hispanics. This doesn't fit his paradigm or his agenda. Therefore, he must deny it in order to validate that paradigm. A better example of cognitive dissonance you will not find.
Cognitive Dissonance 
noun Psychology .
anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like, as when one likes a person but disapproves strongly of one of his or her habits.
It didn't matter that Lara Logan was not Jewish and it doesn't matter to left wing Hispanic groups that George Zimmerman IS Hispanic. If denying a reality helps feed one's hate, it will be done.

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