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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conservatives now being forced to defend Romney's Mormonism

Megyn Kelly interviewed Michael Reagan about the mainstream media's interest in bringing up Mitt Romney's Mormonism incessantly. Note that Reagan is in a position of having to defend Mitt Romney against these tactics. My point all along has been that these tactics would be used by Obama's apparatchiks because they will be effective.

Reagan has an interesting take here, saying that the liberal media is fixated on Romney being a Mormon but gives Harry Reid a pass; he also highlights the fact that Reid's loyalties are to the Democratic Party so much so that he is not defending Romney. The problem is that this was all predictable and any hypocrisy pointed out by the right is not going to stop further hypocritical tactics from the left.

Again, the veiled attacks on Mormonism from the left may not be justified but that will not make them any less effective. Note how Reagan is in defense mode instead of going after Obama

Via Fox Insider:

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