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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey Jay, how about introducing us to those other two Hilary Rosens?

It's quite safe to say that if Hilary Rosen's comment that Ann Romney "has never actually worked a day in her life," was an implemented Axelrod / Alinsky hybrid strategy, it has backfired to such a degree that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney "Barker" chose a defense so absurd that he's being met with sardonic laughter.

First, a recap. Here is Hilary Rosen on CNN this past week when she uttered the ill-advisable words. Pay attention at the :55 mark:

Part of the fallout from the ensuing firestorm has been a discovery that Hilary Rosen visited the White House 35 times and has met with Barack Obama five times. Note what Jay Carney is reduced to in this exchange. He actually implies that because he knows three Hilary Rosens, the Hilary Rosen who is also a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor may not have been the one to log all of those visits.

Via Weasel Zippers:

Before we move on, check out the reaction of a Fox News panel to Carney's claim that he knows three Hilary Rosens.

Via Hapblog:

Now, one day after Carney attempted to pull that off, he's had to concede that the Hilary Rosen of interest has visited the White House quite a bit.

“It is certainly the case that Hilary Rosen democratic strategist has visited the White House on a number of occasions for large events, large meetings having to do with communications, things like that,” Carney said. He gave no precise number and said he was unaware of any meetings with Obama personally.
That is indeed an important excerpt. If the Hilary Rosen of interest is both a Democratic strategist AND a CNN contributor, five meetings with the President are perhaps the most noteworthy aspects to this. There is a reason Carney is not admitting to Obama having these meetings. The article goes on to explain that visitor logs are supposed to record date of birth. Wouldn't it be something if all three Hilary Rosens that Jay Carney knows have the same birthday?

One more question: Do all three Hilary Rosens spell their first name with one "L" instead of two like another Hillary I know?

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