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Sunday, April 15, 2012

RCP Map: Uh, the Republican Establishment better start re-thinking it's love affair with Mitt... FAST

This is very disheartening news for the 'Anybody but Obama' crowd. According to Real Clear Politics, Obama has a 57 point electoral vote advantage over Romney before you even get in to the 'Toss-Up' states. According to this map, Romney will lose Massachusetts and probably Michigan, his two 'home' states. In fact, the entire Northeast - save for New Hampshire - is seen going for Obama. If the electoral votes fall the way RCP is predicting, Obama would only have to secure 43 of 141 of the 'Toss-Up' votes to get to the needed 270.

In short, this map shows an overwhelming advantage for Obama - and his party is the one known for perpetrating the most fraud.

If this map portends a future reality, the good news is that it might be the death knell for the Republican Establishment. The bad news is that it could be the death knell for the United States too (just remember Obama's open mic moment with Dimitri Medvedev). In writing about the prospects of a Romney loss to Obama, I took a 'glass is half full' approach last month but in light of how untethered an extremely radical Obama would be in a second term, that's not an ironclad solution. More at RCP.

Fourth look at Newt anyone?

h/t Free Republic

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