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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video: Did Bob Beckel flush his career down the toilet on Live TV?

For a long time, I've wondered why Bob Beckel gets so much air time. He started off as a novelty that wore off very quickly but for some reason, those with decision-making ability decided to give him his own show on Fox.

Coming back from a break on Hannity's television show, Beckel thought he was arguing with talk show host Neal Boortz off the air and dropped an "F" bomb. When Hannity demanded that Beckel apologize, the liberal - in typical liberal fashion - became indignantly childish and refused.

The best part came a short time later, when Beckel was assured that he did indeed curse on live television. He apologized and then quickly blamed Hannity for not doing a better job of letting him know they were on the air.

There are several clips of this exchange out there but MediaIte has the best one because of its length. The entire exchange is worth watching.

That clip reveals the typical liberal mind. Beckel did wrong and blamed Hannity. If you want to know why no Democrats voted to throw Bill Clinton out of office after impeachment, Beckel's mindset explains it perfectly. It was the Republicans' fault for demanding accountability.

Take note of Boortz spinning the football.

h/t Mitch

1 comment:

Mitch said...

I laughed so hard when I was watching this the other night. My thoughts were much the same as yours.

Typical Liberal blames everyone else for his own error, cannot accept responsibility for their own actions. "Accountability" is a word belonging to a language that NO Liberal dare speak - at least not as it pertains to themselves.

Good for Hannity at the end sayin that he had Beckel's back and would 'plead for clemency' while Beckel was 'mopingly,' muttering how he 'was going to get fired.'

The best part was Hannity, Jennifer, and Boortz all laughing at Beckel the whole time.

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