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Monday, May 21, 2012

Washington Post goes there: Mormonism's Mountain Meadows Massacre

Has anyone noticed that Mormon Harry Reid has been completely silent as the liberal media attacks his religion? We can only infer one thing from his silence. He values his party more than he values his faith. Otherwise, he would be defending Mitt Romney.

There is a Category 5 Hurricane headed for the Mormon church and the Republican establishment has hitched its wagons to a guy who has no shudders up. Folks, this is just the beginning. The left has plenty of ammunition in its arsenal when it comes to Romney's religion and Romney is not prepared for what's coming. Here is a small sampling of what's coming.

Via the Washington Post:
On the wildflower-studded slopes of the Ozarks, where memories run long and family ties run thick, a little-known and long-ago chapter of history still simmers.

On Sept. 11, 1857, a wagon train from this part of Arkansas met with a gruesome fate in Utah, where most of the travelers were slaughtered by a Mormon militia in an episode known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Hundreds of the victims’ descendants still populate these hills and commemorate the killings, which they have come to call “the first 9/11.”

Many of the locals grew up hearing denunciations of Mormonism from the pulpit on Sundays, and tales of the massacre from older relatives who considered Mormons “evil.” 
“There have been Fancher family reunions for 150 years, and the massacre comes up at every one of them,” said Scott Fancher, 58, who traces his lineage back to 26 members of the wagon train, which was known as the Fancher-Baker party. “The more whiskey we drunk, the more resentful we got.” 
There aren’t many places in America more likely to be suspicious of Mormonism — and potentially more problematic for Mitt Romney, who is seeking to become the country’s first Mormon president. Not only do many here retain a personal antipathy toward the religion and its followers, but they also tend to be Christian evangelicals, many of whom view Mormonism as a cult.
Mormons perpetrated America's "first 9/11"? In fairness, Mormonism's founder - Joseph Smith - did liken himself to Islam's prophet:
“I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was 'the Alcoran [Koran] or the Sword.' So shall it eventually be with us.”
The bigger story here is the mainstream media's steady drip, drip, drip of Mormon stories until something sticks to Romney.

Just wait. The spigot is begging to be turned on.

Read it all.

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