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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Labor Secretary: Use those Unemployment Benefits to start new businesses

It's typically not a good idea to use pejoratives when making arguments against those with opposing views. Then again, there comes a point when you're actually lying by NOT using them. In this case, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is an idiot and an argument can be made that it's not even a pejorative; it's a statement of fact.

At the end of this clip, you will hear her say that she wants people to use their "UI" (Unemployment Insurance) benefits to start new businesses.

Idiot, right?

Via Washington Free Beacon:

There are generally two groups of people who rely on unemployment benefits. One group has no desire to be productive and wants the government to take care of them. Does anyone honestly think those people are going to take interest in suddenly becoming productive when they get the benefits for doing nothing? The second group of people are those who are using every cent of those benefits to pay for necessities like food and rent. In light of the rising food and gas prices - which are not calculated in the inflation index - does anyone for a minute think such people are going to prioritize starting a new business over feeding their families?

Like I said, idiot.

Then again, maybe she's doing her Jim Carrey impression in Fun with Dick and Jane. After thinking he was getting a promotion, Carrey's character found himself to be nothing more than the company's fall guy with the media.

h/t WZ

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