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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Report: Two from Holder's Inner Circle spilling the beans to Issa

There is a report coming out from Sipsey Street Irregulars that two members of Eric Holder's inner circle have decided to come clean about everything Holder knows about Fast and Furious. This could be the final blow to Holder's stonewall; the multiple perjury charges - if this bears out - that he would face as a result of something like this would be the least of his worries.
Multiple, previously highly credible, sources close to the Gunwalker investigation report that there are at least one and perhaps two sources within the Department of Justice headquarters who have approached the Issa Committee seeking whistleblower status. One source, who reported that there were at least two of Eric Holder's subordinates who "came in from the cold," characterized them as "high-level" DOJ employees "with knowledge of Eric Holder's actions before and after" the 4 February 2011 DOJ letter denying that the DOJ and its subordinate agencies knew about "gunwalking." That letter has since been admitted by DOJ to have been a lie. If true, one or both of these whistleblowers may be the so-called "mole" -- a source within DOJ said to have been leaking documents, including the wiretap affidavits, to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

What they bring with them from the cold, according to one source, is "the keys to the kingdom as far as Holder is concerned," adding "if this comes out before the (contempt) vote (on 20 June), then Holder is toast." Said another, "not even Boehner will be able to stop it. Hell, he'll really jump on board and act like it was his idea."

This surprising development has re-energized the investigation staff, which was widely rumored to be floundering after the reluctance, not to say opposition, of the GOP leadership became known some months ago. One source called these whistleblowers "game changers" while another, after speaking of the frustrations of recent months said, "But there sure is a sense of renewed enthusiasm here."
Also, sitting in my inbox this morning was another letter from Issa to Holder, which accepts the Attorney General's offer to meet privately with members of Congress on the condition that the documents requested by the subpoena are produced:
As our staffs have discussed, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Department of Justice are at an impasse over documents the Department has refused to produce.  Let me be clear – if the Department of Justice submits a serious proposal for how it intends to alter its refusal to produce critical documents subpoenaed by the Committee, I am ready and willing to meet to discuss your proposal.
If Holder has already asserted that he will not comply with the subpoena, why would he agree to meet privately to... comply with the subpoena?

That's partially what makes Sipsey Street's report all the more explosive. When someone is guilty of wrongdoing, it's always better to come clean before those who have the goods on you do it for you. If we're truly at that point, the best thing Holder could do right now is tell Issa everything. It very well could be that Issa is giving him that opportunity with this letter.

Holder has got to be absolutely skittish about what Issa knows already. Someone very close to Holder had to have leaked the wiretap applications to the Oversight Committee chairman. That's all but a self-evident truth. If Holder knows that one or more of his closest subordinates are turning states',  maintaining the stonewall would be the most foolish thing he could do. His arrogance may not permit him to do otherwise, however.

Making this news even more explosive is how frequently the source reporting it has been right. Sipsey Street's Mike Vanderboegh has been out in front of Fast and Furious since the beginning. He and David Codrea are the ones who initially tipped off CBS' Sharyl Attkisson and continued to feed her leads. If this scandal continues to grow to Watergate with Murder status, Vanderboegh and Codrea will be its Woodward and Bernstein.

For some reason, this scene from A Few Good Men came to mind. If Fast and Furious reaches its just conclusion, Holder's fate could be that of Colonel Jessup.

**Language Warning**

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