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Friday, June 1, 2012

Video: Alex Jones confronted outside Bilderberg meeting

The Alex Jones / Ron Paul / 9/11 Truther movements have long maintained that the Bilderberg globalists are a much greater threat to our Republic than are the Islamists. Whenever you bring up the Islamic threat to western civilization, it's all but ignored because the New World Order crowd is actually behind the Islamists' rise according to the Jones crew.

That's why it was nice to see the Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein ask Jones one very simple question: If the Bilderbergs are so powerful, why do they put up with protesters like Jones and his posse? Jones' answer was something about the Republic still having freedoms available that prevent such protests from being shut down. This is important because protests outside mosques or in Islamic countries don't often take place without significant consequences. The Ground Zero mosque was a rare exception but Jones believes that Feisal Abdul Rauf is actually a globalist "stooge" because the imam is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It never seems to dawn on these people that perhaps it's Islamists like Rauf who are using western entities.

There is no way Alex Jones and the gang could protest like this inside a Muslim country like, say, Saudi Arabia.

Conversely, Islamists love Alex Jones. He runs interference for them by pushing 9/11 Conspiracy theories while publicly seeing them as a threat not worth dealing with because the NWO is actually using them for its own agenda. Shouldn't we begin considering the possibility that Jones is actively working toward that end instead of being a dupe?

That leads to another common refrain from the Alex Jones bunch; the elite power brokers that make up the NWO are not nearly as ignorant as they would have us believe. Should not the same apply to Jones? Is he ignorant of the Islamic threat to western civilization? If not, then he is actively fomenting anger among his followers and intentionally directing that anger away from where it should go. Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media, did an excellent job exposing Jones as a likely Agent Provocateur back in 2010.

The real question should be: If the Bilderbergs are more powerful than the Islamists, why is it that you - Mr. Jones - protest the former without incident but don't dare protest the latter?

Via the Daily Caller:

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