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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Video: Chris Matthews plays the race card on Fast and Furious

Let's see, for 18 months, Fast and Furious has been newsworthy. Those of us who have followed it know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it reaches to the highest levels of the Justice Department (at minimum). MSNBC - the propaganda arm of the White House - has practically ignored the story altogether. Now, as Attorney General Eric Holder is about to face contempt of Congress, Chris Matthews is all of a sudden an expert on the story and tells his viewers that it's a racially motivated witch hunt?

If we are to gauge Matthews' knowledge of Fast and Furious by how much he's covered it, he's a neophyte on the subject at best. Yet, he sees fit to imply that Holder's accusers, who have been investigating the scandal for 18 months, are racists by saying the investigation is 'ethnic' in its motivations.

The families of the hundreds of dead Mexicans who are victims of Fast and Furious should find that offensive. Were the motivations behind placing these guns in the hands of those Mexicans' killers 'ethnic' too Chris?

Via Daily Caller:

I don't believe Matthews is ignorant on Fast and Furious. He's just doing his job. The most well known part of this clip is Matthews saying it's his job to help Obama succeed but there's another part worth noting in the context of his charging that the motives of Issa and those who want justice in Fast and Furious are 'ethnic'. In this now infamous exchange from 2008, notice how Matthews says, 'it's the worst thing you can do in journalism is try to figure out motive'.

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