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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Former White House Press Secretary: Romney needs to release tax returns; Romney silent on Obama not releasing Fast and Furious Documents

If this post seems similar to the last one, it is. This should be getting incredibly easy for Romney. The Obama campaign is practically begging him to counter by demanding that Obama lift Executive Privilege on the subpoenaed Fast and Furious documents. No, I mean, seriously. Team Obama has painted a big, fat Fast and Furious bullseye on its chest.

The latest example comes courtesy of Robert Gibbs, via CNN (h/t WZ):
President Barack Obama's campaign adviser Robert Gibbs continued to hammer Mitt Romney on Sunday over questions about the candidate's overseas financial accounts.

Gibbs, however, stopped short of saying whether Romney was in violation of any tax evasion laws, saying "nobody knows."

"The best way to figure out if he is complying with American tax law is to have him release more of the tax returns," the former White House press secretary said on CNN's "State of the Union."
Let's see, how should Romney respond.... How about with something like, "And the best way to figure out if Eric Holder had nothing to do with Fast and Furious is for the President to rescind his Executive Privilege assertion."

But alas, Romney apparently loves being on defense:
Obama's campaign has also been forcefully pushing a Washington Post report that calls Romney's former private equity firm, Bain Capital, a "pioneer" in outsourcing jobs overseas. The campaign has made the report a focal point of its ads against Romney, and the president frequently mentions it in his stump speeches.

Romney's campaign, however, has said there is no evidence that Bain advised its companies to outsource while Romney was still in charge of the firm, which he left in 1999.

The campaign cites a detailed report by, a nonpartisan group affiliated with the Annenberg Public Policy Center, that said the Obama ads carried some claims that were untrue, and other assertions that only had thin supporting evidence.
Here is video of Gibbs' appearance on CNN's State of the Union. His instantly classic response - in light of the Fast and Furious documents - about whether or not Romney has done anything illegal is: "We don't know!... Nobody knows..."

Hey Mitt! Demand Obama lift Executive Privilege!

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