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Thursday, July 19, 2012

John McCain defending family connected to Al-Qaeda

Imagine a scenario in 1943 in which both parents and sibling of the closest adviser to the Secretary of State had extensive and direct relationships with the godfather of the Nazi Party. That is essentially what we have in 2012 if one equates Al-Qaeda / Muslim Brotherhood with Nazis, which is actually an extremely apt comparison.

Now imagine that a Representative in the U.S. Congress in 1943 sent a letter to the State Department demanding to know how someone with such familial connections to a declared enemy of the United States got the job. A Senator who once ran for President of the United States objects to the inquiry and goes to the Senate floor to denounce the Congressman for smearing the State Department employee as someone whose family is connected to Nazis.

Wouldn't this cause the American public to question the loyalty of such a Senator? That is exactly what should be done relative to Senator John McCain in 2012, after he defended the family of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's closest advisor - Huma Abedin - when he said the following about a letter sent from Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other Congressmen to the Inspector General of the State Department:
“The letter (from Bachmann and four other Congressmen) alleges that three members of Huma’s family are ‘connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations…’ These sinister accusations rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma’s family”.
Simply put, McCain is defending the family of Huma Abedin by asserting something that is demonstrably false. Huma's brother - Hassan Abedin - served on a board chaired by none other than Al-Qaeda Godfather Abdullah Omar Naseef. Both of her parents founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) with Naseef's support. Huma's mother - Saleha Abedin - is a confirmed leader of the Muslim Sisterhood and is a close colleague of Najla Mahmoud, the wife of Egypt's new Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Mursi.

What conclusion are we left with other than one that says McCain is running interference for a family connected to America's enemies?

Why would he do this?

If one is able to accept the premise that Al-Qaeda and the Nazis share much in common - to include a desire to rule the world after ridding it of Jews - McCain is defending the indefensible and he is on dangerous, on-the-Senate-record, territory.

Once considered a war hero, John McCain is working toward a legacy that could overshadow that history.

In WWI, France had a war hero. He was a General named Philippe Pétain. In 1940, he was essentially brought out of retirement to help fight the Nazi army. Pétain became a Nazi collaborator, likely because he was successfully intimidated and / or subjugated.

Via BBC:
In May 1940, with France under attack from Germany, Pétain was appointed vice premier. In June he asked for an armistice, upon which he was appointed 'chief of state', enjoying almost absolute powers. The armistice gave the Germans control over the north and west of France, including Paris, but left the remainder as a separate regime under Pétain, with its capital at Vichy. Officially neutral, in practice the regime collaborated closely with Germany, and brought in its own anti-Semitic legislation.
This is the legacy that McCain will be working toward if he is not careful. Huma Abedin's family has an undisputed history of collaborating with an Al-Qaeda Godfather and McCain is saying that isn't true in order to protect the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton.

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