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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Video: Obama Chief of Staff latest to channel Jim Carrey's 'Dick' Character

The premise is simple. Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew was carted out onto the Sunday shows to do the best he could to explain the contradiction between what the administration has said all along - that the Individual Mandate in Obamacare is not a tax - and what the Supreme Court ruling said it was - a tax.

Watch as Lew attempts to twist himself into a pretzel by insisting that the Court did not rule the Mandate a tax despite the fact that the man who wrote the majority opinion - John Roberts - said it was. Stick with this video though because Chris Wallace lowers the boom at around the 3:00 mark when he actually plays audio of the White House attorney during oral arguments in the case.

Hint: the White House Attorney said it was a tax.

Via GWP:

The latest Obama administration member to channel Jim Carrey in this scene.

Congratulations, Jack Lew, you're it.

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