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Thursday, August 23, 2012

American Thinker: Romney should respond to Obama calling him 'radical' by demanding release of Khalidi tape

Consider this another example of a projectionist softball lobbed by Obama directly at Mitt Romney. The latter's handlers are likely to instruct him to take the pitch despite it being one that power hitters dream about. American Thinker's Edward Olshaker highlights the fact that while Obama claims Romney has aligned himself with the 'radical fringe' of his party, Obama's radical affiliations, so far, are ignored by the presumptive Republican nominee.

Via AT:
President Obama recently accused Mitt Romney of allying himself with "the radical fringe of his party," in an e-mail highlighting his occasional fundraising events with Donald Trump, and now the president's campaign is warning that Paul Ryan is a dangerous extremist.

The audacity of this line of attack naturally brings up the issue of Those Whose Names Must Not Be Mentioned -- Obama's own collection of terror supporters and actual terrorists he chose as mentors (and whose influence is disturbingly evident in his foreign policy).  If Romney was waiting for some kind of formal invitation before attacking the president's most glaring weakness, that invitation has arrived.

Obama's fundraising off Romney's "radical" associations is an example of either chutzpah he will get away with or hubris that will come back to haunt him by inviting scrutiny of Obama's closeness with terrorists who appear with him in the suppressed Los Angeles Times video of a 2003 anti-Israel gathering -- former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi (who dedicated a book to Palestinian murderer Yasser Arafat), Bill Ayers (who dedicated a book to Palestinian murderer Sirhan Sirhan), and Bernardine Dohrn.

The guest list also included Ali Abunimah, a close Obama ally who founded the Electronic Intifada website in 2001 (surely Obama realized that the word "intifada" is synonymous with suicide bombings) and the Sanabel debka troupe.  Columnist Debbie Schlussel reported that she witnessed a performance of this Palestinian children's dance group that included "simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags."  (Did they let the children use real swords when they acted out the beheadings?  Maybe we'll find out when this comes up in the debates.)
Of course, this kind of Obama projection is not unprecedented. Within the last couple of months, his campaign said Romney is too secretive (Axelrod compared him to Nixon); it accused him of being a 'felon'; and more recently, an Obama Super PAC ad implied he was a murderer. In the case of Fast and Furious, all of those things seem to apply to the Obama administration but Romney's handlers appear too scared to go there.

The projection coming out of the Obama campaign that is being directed at Romney is palpable. The latter is being poked in the chest with it and, to this point, doesn't seem to be willing to push back. The same people Romney energized by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate are the same ones who would welcome this kind of fight and be energized further. Selecting Ryan as the second half of the ticket is shaping up to be a good move but Romney will have to fight back against these kinds of charges for at least two reasons.

1.) They're so easy to rebut
2.) Because they're so easy to rebut, he looks weak for not doing so

Read it all.

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