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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great. Romney compares himself to Boehner... emotionally

People cry for different reasons. Tears can be the result of physical pain, extreme joy, or extreme loss. In the case of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), crying can be his response to the drop of a hat. Perhaps his most surreal episode occurred on 60 Minutes, shortly after riding a wave of Tea Party support to victory in the 2010 mid-terms.

That's kind of what makes it mildly disturbing that Mitt Romney would compare himself to Boehner on an emotional level. In an interview with Parade Magazine (h/t MediaIte), Romney responded thusly when asked if he ever cries:
"I'm emotional. I don't show it quite as clearly as John Boehner, but I'm an emotional person. There is a, I don't know, a societal norm that if you're running for office, you can't be emotional, and perhaps I bow to that too often."
With the gift of hindsight, Boehner has been reticent to lead on two very big issues that required political courage - Operation Fast and Furious (Watergate with murder - a scandal that implicates DOJ, DHS, State Department, and the Obama administration) as well as the concerns of Michele Bachmann and four other congressmen about the threat of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. In fact, Boehner defended Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's closest advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, and threw Bachmann under the bus, despite bold red flags that warranted his demand for a further investigation and strident support of Bachmann's efforts.

Similarly, when presented with the opportunity to beat back at the Obama campaign by pulling out the Fast and Furious club (after being called a 'felon' and painted as a murderer), Romney has chosen not to do so. Ditto on the Huma Abedin story; he was presented with an opportunity to respond to the controversy by a reporter and punted.

In that infamous 60 Minutes installment, Boehner got choked up when talking about his fears that future generations will not have a shot at the 'American dream, like I did'. Yet, in two instances when he could have made bold attempts to fight for those future generations - Fast and Furious / Muslim Brotherhood infiltration - he wilted. That is why I believe these tears to be those of a man paralyzed with fear, not just overcome with the emotion of victory:

Romney should avoid any and all comparisons of himself to Boehner on such a level, especially in light of his adoption of similar positions on Fast and Furious / Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, else he risks an unwanted public perception at a time when we need John Wayne type ruggedness, not emotional instability.

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