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Monday, August 13, 2012

Issa and Oversight Committee to file lawsuit against Holder today

While many may think the Fast and Furious investigation has run its course and that the Obama administration has successfully run out the clock, Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa appears to be moving froward; he's filing a lawsuit against Holder today.

Via Sharyl Attkisson:
CBS News has learned that the House Oversight Committee expects to file a civil contempt suit against Attorney General Eric Holder Monday. The lawsuit is to try to force Holder to release documents from the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation.

The Republican-led House of Representative voted to hold Holder in contempt on June 28 for failing to turn over thousands of pages of subpoenaed documents. The Justice Department has said it is withholding documents under White House executive privilege.

Seventeen Democrats voted with 238 Republicans in the 255-67 vote for contempt. Democratic leaders called the contempt vote a "political witch hunt."

In a past subpoena dispute between Congress and the executive branch, a federal judge ordered the executive branch to turn over the disputed documents. However, before the executive branch could pursue an appeal, the two sides reached a compromise and certain documents were turned over.
If nothing comes of the Fast and Furious investigation, it won't be because Issa and a select few bulldogs on the Committee threw in the towel. They've already gotten much further than many expected. The Attorney General was held in criminal contempt of Congress as well as civil contempt.

As an example of the limited options Issa has, prosecuting Holder for criminal contempt is a non-starter because Holder's subordinate is responsible for doing so.

Virtually the only other option is for Speaker John Boehner to have Holder arrested.

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