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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Latest target of 9/11 Truther Alex Jones: Angelina Jolie

If you've ever wondered why talk show host Alex Jones is so effective, it's because his conspiracy theories often contain a significant amount of truth. The problem with Jones has been - and continues to be - his view that entities like the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are the real villains at the end of the thread we're all pulling. He does this while giving the Muslim Brotherhood a pass; that group is nothing more than a tool of the UN and CFR according to Jones.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the entire Middle East. Jones never seems interested in looking at the possibility that maybe - just maybe - some things are as they appear. If the UN and CFR are using the Brotherhood to achieve their goals, why are they ceding power to the group? Now, if Jones were to assert that the Brotherhood has infiltrated these groups and that's why they're pushing the Islamic agenda, he'd be onto something. But he doesn't; he simply gives the Brotherhood a pass as being nothing more than UN / CFR lackeys.

He is wrong.

That leads to this video of Jones ripping Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. First, where Jones is right; he targets Jolie for supporting the NATO action in Libya and for her advocacy of the same thing in Syria. I don't know much about Jolie's positions, but if that's where she is, she's wrong and Jones is right to call her out on it.

That's where Jones goes on his conspiratorial tangent. As the Muslim Brotherhood acquires more power on a near daily basis, with the end goal of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire / Caliphate, Jones ignores that and goes after entities that are actually losing to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nice try, Alex. Maybe next time.

Via Gossip Cop:

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