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Monday, September 3, 2012

Biden Video: Paul Ryan assumed office eleven years after getting elected

If Joe Biden wasn't a perpetual gaffe machine, this one might have slipped under the radar. While his comment in Wisconsin yesterday, that Paul Ryan was elected to Congress in 1988 and took office in 1999 is factually inaccurate, it might have been overlooked if not for Biden's penchant for not knowing where he is along the space / time continuum. In particular, his comment about America striving to be the world's leading auto manufacturer in the 20th century helps to contribute to this gaffe being a bit more relevant.

In 2008, Biden thought television was around during the Great Depression; last month (and two years ago) he thought we had just come out of the 19th century; and this weekend he revealed that Ryan had to wait more than a decade after being elected, to be sworn in. The term 'parallel universe' is often used in a figurative sense but when it comes to the synapses firing in Biden's mind, there may be reason to apply it to him in quite the literal sense.

Via Freedom's Lighthouse:

In 2008, Biden said FDR got on television during the Great Depression:

Biden made the news last month when he suggested that the U.S. can lead the world in automobile manufacturing in the "20th Century" but he actually made a very similar gaffe in February of 2010. Here's that clip:

Biden repeated that gaffe last month:

Just keep talkin' Joe - please.

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