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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Video: CNN Reporter's absurd interpretation of events in Benghazi

Though this is a rather lengthy CNN video report from correspondent Arwa Damon in Benghazi, the portion relevant to this post comes very early on. Pay attention beginning at the :20 mark. Note how Damon is interviewing a man who recorded the attack on his cell phone. Yes, it's legitimate to ask why he wasn't doing something a bit more productive but that's not the most bizarre portion of her report.

At the :40, Damon narrates over the video, reporting that the body of Ambassador Stevens is found and that he's alive, as you see men pulling him out of the consulate. Damon then actually said the crowd cheered (because Stevens was alive) and shouted 'God is great'.

The CNN reporter would have you believe that the attackers were all gone and that this was a mob of pro-American rescuers who were thrilled to find the U.S. Ambassador still alive.

No, really.

Via CNN:

**UPDATE** It appears I was a bit premature on this one. I have it on good authority that it is actually quite possible that the crowd was actually cheering because they thought Stevens was alive.

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