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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video: Obama's Racially charged 2007 Speech

This video was billed as a bombshell that was released on Hannity's television show on October 2nd. It is from a June 5, 2007 speech that Barack Obama gave to a predominantly black audience that consisted of black ministers. Also in attendance was none other than Rev. Jeremiah Wright. At various points, Obama went off script. When he did, the unmasked community organizer was on full display.

In yet another instance of media bias, the transcript of the speech released by the media at the time only consisted of the prepared remarks, which equated to about one-fourth of the entire speech. No mention was made of Obama's off-script statements, which were quite incendiary. Now, the entire speech has been made available.

This is damning stuff for a a man who ran on a platform of healing in 2008.

Via the Daily Caller:

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