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Monday, October 1, 2012

Video: Univision personalizes Fast and Furious deaths in Mexico

Narrated by Jorge Ramos, a Univision report into Operation Fast and Furious focused on the Mexican victims of the U.S. Justice Department's failed gun walking operation. Over the last two plus years, anyone following the details of the scandal would here about Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was murdered at the hands of a gun U.S. authorities let walk. To a lesser extent, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata has been mentioned, though the evidence linking his murder directly to Fast and Furious isn't as strong.

But what about the hundreds of murdered Mexicans. Until the Univision report aired on September 30th, they were nameless statistics to many in America. They were identified as victims but not as people, teens, or children with families.

That all changed with the Univision Report.

Via Daily Caller:
The Spanish language television news network Univision unleashed a bombshell investigative report on Operation Fast and Furious Sunday evening, finding that in January 2010 drug cartel hit men slaughtered students with weapons the United States government allowed to flow to them across the Mexican border.

“On January 30, 2010, a commando of at least 20 hit men parked themselves outside a birthday party of high school and college students in Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez,” according to a version of the Univision report in English, on the ABC News website.

“Near midnight, the assassins, later identified as hired guns for the Mexican cartel La Linea, broke into a one-story house and opened fire on a gathering of nearly 60 teenagers. Outside, lookouts gunned down a screaming neighbor and several students who had managed to escape. Fourteen young men and women were killed, and 12 more were wounded before the hit men finally fled.”

Citing a Mexican Army document it obtained and published, Univision reported that “[t]hree of the high caliber weapons fired that night in Villas de Salvarcar were linked to a gun tracing operation run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).”

That operation was Fast and Furious.
Again, I ask: Where is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus?

Answer: with the Democrats, who have defended Eric Holder at every turn, save for a few that voted to find him in contempt of Congress.

Here is nearly 10 minutes from the one hour long bombshell report from Univision.

Via ABC News:

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