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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did CNN drop conservative talk show host Dana Loesch for comments about Huma Abdein?

Dana Loesch is a conservative radio talk show host based in St. Louis. Over the last year, she was seen quite a bit on CNN as a conservative counter-balance. Since August, Loesch has been absent from the CNN set. Matt Gertz, at the far left, George Soros-funded Media Matters thinks it has something to dow with Loesch's comments about Huma Abedin, not on CNN but on her own radio show.

Via Media Matters:
In mid-July, shortly before her most recent appearance on CNN, Loesch began using her radio show to promote conspiratorial claims that State Department official Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. At the same time, CNN co-workers Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were dismissing such charges as "questionable," "outrageous," and "McCarthy-like." Blitzer said that Rep. Michele Bachmann, who had pressed the issue, "does owe Huma -- who I know well -- an apology."

An August 21 article describes Loesch as a "conservative radio host," but does not mention her role as a CNN contributor. The same day, CNN's Piers Morgan referenced Loesch on his program without saying that she works for the network.
As has proven to be the case with virtually ever defender of Abedin, the issue is not even open for discussion. There's a very simple reason for that. Her defenders cannot defend the irrefutable facts about her distinct familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and an Al-Qaeda financier.

On another note, if CNN has let Loesch go for comments she made about Abedin on her own radio show, that might help explain why Blitzer and Cooper went out of their way to defend Abedin - job preservation appears to be a bit of concern relative to that issue. Perhaps it was better to go overboard defending Abedin than to say nothing.

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