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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Romney lost the Hispanic vote

Mitt Romney is the latest in a long line of Republican establishment moderates who failed to win elections. George H.W. Bush rode Reagan's coattails into his first term and was sunk by reneging on his 'no new taxes' pledge; it was then Bob Dole's turn in 1996; that was followed by a conservative-talking George W. Bush who won on such talk but governed as a moderate, especially in his second term. We've also learned that his wife is pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. In 2008, RINO John McCain was saved from a Walter Mondale-like thumping solely because of the energy Sarah Palin brought to the campaign; he still lost but Palin was blamed by Republican elites, as the reason, which is absurd.

It is that mentality which perhaps best explains the establishment's reaction to Romney's loss. That reaction?  It's the fault of allegedly unyielding conservatives, despite the fact that Romney was the establishment's guy. Those mean, uncompromising conservatives forced Romney to 'twist himself into pretzels' and then blamed him for losing, according to the likes of David Frum.

Make no mistake. This is nothing more than the establishment's unwillingness to admit that moderates don't win elections. A moderate was nominated at a time when a moderate supposedly couldn't lose. Instead of conceding to the reality, establishment types actually blame the base.

House Speaker John Boehner (RINO) now says things like it's long overdue for Republicans to work on comprehensive immigration reform, which is the politically correct way of saying 'lets cave on amnesty to get more votes'.

Boehner is saying this because he's thinking in terms of demographics and that if Republicans want to win more of the Hispanic vote, they'll have to pander to get it. If Boehner was truly concerned about the welfare of Hispanics, he wouldn't have sat by for nearly two years, doing all he could to minimize the work of House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa on Fast and Furious, an operation run out of the Obama administration that led to the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans (even more will die because so many of the guns are still in circulation). It was a scandal that Boehner wanted to dry up an blow away. Though there had been signs throughout, that was made patently obvious when he scheduled the Eric Holder contempt vote on the same day as the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.

Where was Boehner when it was time for accountability relative to the murder of Hispanics instead of now eagerly pandering to them?

Candidate Romney expressed little to no interest in tackling the Fast and Furious scandal either. Earlier this year, after Barack Obama announced that amnesty would be granted to nearly one million illegal aliens living in the United States, Romney had the perfect opportunity to draw a contrast between an Obama that was pandering to the Hispanic vote with an Obama administration that wasn't coming clean on its role in the murders of more than three hundred Hispanics.

Instead, Romney punted. In so doing, Obama won the argument and his challenger came across as someone who wasn't able to formulate a cogent message.

Take a look at the list of victims in the Fort Hood jihad attack. It is strewn with women and minorities. In fact, one woman - a Hispanic named Francheska Velez - didn't just lose her own life but that of her unborn baby. Yet, when Mitt Romney had the opportunity to ask the President directly in the last of three debates why the massacre that killed 14 and injured 32 has still not been identified for what it is - a jihad attack / act of war - or why none of the victims were awarded purple hearts because the shootings had been identified as the result of workplace violence, he punted again.

Why? Because the establishment's political playbook told him to.

It's a failed playbook and its adherents are doing what too many losers do; they're blaming others.

Simply telling the truth about Democrats would have been a better strategy.

The odds of such a strategy being implemented would have gone up, had a conservative been nominated.

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